Work in progress | Château de Laplanque

Fine Botanical art master classes by Sally Arnold from Luxembourg……

Tara Van Dam .
Owner of Wholistic Joy Wellness . Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation Instructor .
+1 (404) 539 8989 . 

Motivational talks by Catherine Hutchinson from the Sorbonne.

E.g. Hunting for Shackletons wreck in the Deep South.

Nutrition and yoga retreats – Hossack daughters from  Atlanta and Santa Monica respectively. 

A week of game viewing and inter village on eBikes coupled with cheese and wine tasting could be exciting indeed.

Sensational opportunity to shoot a film, series or advert.

Local chefs and an assortment of skilled artisans available in many disciplines to presented at CLP.

Terrific wedding venue.

Corporate retreat for small groups – 6 to 8 pax.

Wonderful opportunity to arrange a private trail run through a game filled estate for the selected few….. Arranged by Galen Hossack from Otter Hill